Our Story

MuslimGram is dedicated to publish inspirational articles about Muslims and Islam from across the world. Muslims exist in an era where their beautiful religion has faced a lot of negativity because of terrorism perpetrated under the banner of Islam.

Those bad apples have a cast a very bad image on Muslims, who are constantly judged on actions of few characters. Muslims are loving and god-fearing but these humanely qualities have been overshadowed by continuous bad press. MuslimGram seek to show Muslim generosity, empathy and kindness that has existed for centuries.

Every Muslim, from individuals to communities have unique stories which need to be told. These are stories that will alter the mindset of people who look at Islam and Muslim as the other. MuslimGram seek to harness such narratives to drive inspiration, motivation and comprehension that Islam and it’s adherents are part of the larger global community.

For such stories to be effectively recorded, we will embrace Muslim voices from every region. Islam has left so many traces across five continents, and MuslimGram will connect that historic trail to enhance the better understanding of this majestic religion. This will include mosques, history and lifestyle among other areas of interest.

Guided by Qur’aanic teachings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, opinions and analysis will be key in the interpretation of unfolding current events.